We got our print copies of Radio Red in, and already sent the first two copies to some of our biggest fans: Phil and Cindy Jacob (Phil's on the fire department) and Emily's mom. Since we've reduced the price by a couple of bucks on the website at www.markrhunter.com, that's also the price for anyone who drops by for a copy. (Or we can deliver, if you're close and/or have an extra room at a great vacation spot.)

Meanwhile, Eric Olson of ABC21 is dropping by the house Thursday morning for an interview. Naturally, this triggers a day of tidying up, also known as panic cleaning. So if you stop by my house--don't open any closet doors.



Emily has the website all set up because ... well, because she's awesome, obviously. Now, in addition to being able to order any of our books at www.markrhunter.com, you can get a signed copy of the newest, Radio Red.

Pro tip: If you order a print copy of Radio Red from our website, you might just get, say, a couple of bucks off the list price. Just sayin'.

But only at www.markrhunter.com. And there are other Mark R Hunters out there, so don't settle for imitation.

Also over on the websites you can read samples, check out some free short stories, contact us, read my blog, and rent our dog to troll for dates at the park. I'm kidding about one of those.

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( Feb. 5th, 2017 11:11 am)

We've noticed that some of the links on our website are down--specifically, the ones to e-book versions of my three works published by Whiskey Creek Press/Start Publishing. We think this is because the company changed distributors (to Simon and Schuster).

They're still actually there, in all the usual places, just ... un-linked. But not to fear, Emily's working on it. In addition to repairing the links, she'll have Radio Red up on www.markrhunter.com soon, because she's awesome like that.


Radio Red is also distributed electronically through Simon and Schuster, by the way. And for those of you who haven't heard, I am indeed working on a prequel to the Storm Chaser series.

Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to send out our very first newsletter, which will be way better than the last one. It’s got that major announcement I mentioned, a little humor, a mention of the upcoming author appearance (a second one’s pending, too), and—as promised—a cute dog photo.

So just hop on over to www.markrhunter.com and go to the bottom of the main page, type in your e-mail address (which will absolutely not be shared), and hit subscribe! Well, and then you’ll have a confirmation e-mail. Some people who filled out the signup sheet for the newsletter months ago are just now getting that, because I got lazy … I sure hope they remember who I am.

I’m still floundering my way through this whole self-promotion thing. Eventually the newsletter might also be linked on Facebook or my blog, but I’ve found a lot of people just aren’t seeing things on social media … there’s just too much stuff flying by us, these days.

Over the last 24 hours: I can’t get my blogger text to change color, someone else’s book ended up on my Amazon Author’s Page, the link is broken to two books on our website, the chiropractor used my back as a trampoline, and the election is still on.


Ah, well. As they say in the fire service, some days you’re the dog, and some days you’re the hydrant.

*Offer only valid on Earth 2. 
After much thought, or at least as much as I usually have, I’ve decided to make my mostly inactive newsletter less inactive. That requires people to sign up for it, so I’m asking you—yes, you, there looking at your electronic device—to sign up. Don’t deny it: I saw you looking at your electronic device.
No doubt you’ll want to know what’s in it for you. Good question. Let me come up with something …
Okay, I’m back. I figure I’ll give a little original and exclusive content. Say, a short story, or a humor piece, or a photo of something interesting and/or cool. Oh, and a picture of the dog. He’s very photogenic.
We’ll send it out at least once a month, but (except rarely) no more than once a week. More often when some event or book release approaches, but no so often as to get people mad, because it’s really not that hard to find out where I live.
Also, subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll be the first one to get author news stuff, like releases, sales, giveaways … dog pictures … I’ll think of other things. Like big recent publishing news I have right now that I haven’t told anyone about yet … stuff like that.
Hey, that’s it! Sign up for the newsletter, and as soon as I get, say, ten new subscribers, I’ll tell you all about the big publishing news I just got.
Sure, I’ll tell everyone, eventually … but aren’t you at least a little curious?
It’s over on the webpage at www.markrhunter.com. The best way to subscribe to our mailing list is to go toward the bottom of the page, where it says “subscribe to our mailing list”. No, your e-mail address will not be given out to anyone, ever, unless someone offers me at least five million dollars. Ten million. Also, the moment I get fifty new subscribers I’m going to have a free book giveaway, just for them.
And that offer will be valid on this Earth.
Did I mention he's very photogenic?

We received the first 25 print copies of The No-Campfire Girls today, and Emily spent some time polishing up the website to take orders. Of course, it’s still available on Amazon, but if you want one signed—by me or by both me and Emily, since she worked as hard at it as I did—you can order it here for $5.00 plus shipping and handling:


Or, if you live nearby, just let us know and we’ll get it to you! We’re not against traveling, but I don’t think the expenses are tax deductible. As you can see on the website, there are links to buying all our books in print or e-book format. If, for some reason, you can’t use PayPal, we’ll come up with some kind of arrangement.

My website is going to be down for a few days while my brilliant and beautiful webmaster redesigns it from the top down. Then, like me whenever a ceiling falls on my head, it’ll be drifting in and out as she gets things set.


Once done, www.markrhunter.com will feature easier navigation, more new content, and more frequent updates, along with a hidden button that dispenses chocolate kisses and vodka martinis. We’re working out the technicalities on that one.


If you want to buy my books in the meantime (and who doesn’t?) you can always order straight from www.whiskeycreekpress.com, amazon.com, or Barnes and Noble, and don’t forget I have a Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/MarkRHunter . A   fan page of my very own. Can you believe it? I think I’ll start coming up with content exclusive to the fan page and website … maybe photos, articles on the writing process, and vegetarian conspiracy theories. Not that I have any beef with vegetarians.


Meanwhile, after emptying our kitchen and back porch of everything, I’ve been pulling down the ceiling in preparation of the complete removal of the flat roof there, giving us a temporary skylight. Hopefully, by the time Emily’s finished with the webpage I’ll be recovered from whatever’s about to fall on me and back in the writing business.



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