Three Hoodies review The No-Campfire Girls. Or possibly the author of Three Hoodies Save the World reviews it … it gets confusing in the world of fiction writing.

All six Amazon reviews of the book can be found on—well, on Amazon.


We’ve dropped the e-book price on The No-Campfire Girls from $1.50 to 99 cents, to celebrate the May 1st release of my humor book, Slightly Off the Mark! The print copy of our summer camp story remains $5.00, but if you’re hesitant to give us too much money, then hear this:


One third of the proceeds from The No-Campfire Girls was going to support Camp Latonka, the Missouri Girl Scout facility Emily called home for many years. That is now increased: Half of all profits from the book will go to maintenance and support costs to keep the camp operating. Can’t afford the five bucks you’d spend on some fancy Starbucks drink that will make you die young? Then get an e-book for what you’d spend on a vending machine can of pop that will make you die young!


So read about the story and get it here:


Or read about all my stories and get them here:


Don’t forget to leave a review, retweet, repost, pass it on, support the Scouts! Or at least support our writing costs. I’m cool with that.



My wife’s Girl Scout camp, Missouri’s Camp Latonka, just finished another successful camping season. Help keep them in business by buying a copy of The No-Campfire Girls, a humorous adventure set in summer camp. As chapter two opens, the campers officially get the bad news from Captain Quinn of the local fire department, that all fires are banned because of a drought:


“Getting fire trucks here isn’t easy or fast. It would only take a spark to burn down this entire camp, which would end your fun summer real fast.”

            “This sucks,” said a purple haired girl at the next table, loudly enough for half the room to hear. “Fire is fun. Maybe we should set fire to the tents to protest.”

Leaning toward Beth, Cassidy whispered in her ear. “Who’s the girl with the attitude?”

“Ronnie. We call her Rotten Ronnie, but not to her face. Rumor has it her nose is bent that way because she street-fights for grocery money.”

“Maybe somebody needs to make friends with her, like you did with me.”

“I tried.” Beth looked over toward Ronnie, who stubbornly did her best not to have a good time. “She said if I ever came close to her again, she’d set my hair on fire. Is that irony, this year? I think it is.”


            Print or e-book copies of The No-Campfire Girls can be ordered through my website at, with a portion of the proceeds going toward Camp Latonka operating costs. You can check out the first two chapters for free on my Amazon page:

I’m blog surfing today over to Jana Denardo’s Livejournal:


Where I talk about why the painful writing life is better than not writing at all, the benefits of being in touch with other writers, and the bad old days when that never happened.

We received the first 25 print copies of The No-Campfire Girls today, and Emily spent some time polishing up the website to take orders. Of course, it’s still available on Amazon, but if you want one signed—by me or by both me and Emily, since she worked as hard at it as I did—you can order it here for $5.00 plus shipping and handling:

Or, if you live nearby, just let us know and we’ll get it to you! We’re not against traveling, but I don’t think the expenses are tax deductible. As you can see on the website, there are links to buying all our books in print or e-book format. If, for some reason, you can’t use PayPal, we’ll come up with some kind of arrangement.
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( May. 13th, 2014 11:30 pm)

            If I could ask a favor of anyone who’s read “The No-Campfire Girls”: Please give me a review on Amazon! Reviews are one way for potential readers to learn about a book. While a great review is—well—great, a good review is certainly … um, good. Remember, a 5-star review is the best, while a 1-star review causes a fairy to drop dead. That’s my story. I mean, that’s my other story. Here’s the Amazon link for the book:


            Remember, 30% of proceeds for “The No-Campfire Girls” go to Friends of Camp Latonka, to offset maintenance costs and keep the camp open. If that doesn’t grab you, just enjoy a fun, fast read about a group of girls in a drought-stricken summer camp who decide to beat a fire ban—by making it rain.

Today my blog tour goes to the dogs with Bae, Sir Poops and Hair Ball on Shelly Arkon’s blog: 

Bae announces, in his own way, that we have print copies of The No-Campfire Girls on the way … and that the mailman who brings them is his.

            Welcome to my blog tour! I didn’t get around to announcing when it would start. *ahem*

            But it did start, with this blog by my writer friend Donna Yates. She asked questions about my new book, the humor/action/adventure The No-Campfire Girls, and it only seemed polite to answer:


            When you’re done reading—and I hope you will read, because she says nice things—be sure to visit my webpage or to order a book or two.

Amazon now has the print version of The No-Campfire Girls available, as well as the e-book!


            And at 25 cents off the list price, for Prime members. I have no explanation: My understanding is they reduce the price automatically to match any other price on the same product—but there are no other prices on this product! I can only suggest you take advantage and save yourselves a quarter. The Amazon page for all my books, including The No-Campfire Girls, is:



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