April 2015
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05:06 am

Snape Takes a Holiday Chapter 2: Awkward Conversation

03:55 pm

Make Love, Not Fire

02:58 am

Happy Easter, Use Your Signal


01:10 am

Pining Away Over Smoke

07:51 pm

Proof that I'm still Slightly Off the Mark

04:44 am

Book Review: Shades of Gray (Amaranthine Book 1)

04:41 am

Dropping Prices, Rising Donations

12:02 am

Appealing for the Girl Scouts

03:44 am

More realistic tornado siren testing

04:54 pm

A Publishing Surprise Or Two

01:34 pm

Yeah, I said the four letter word

03:48 pm

New Book, New Reviews

04:34 am

Bites, and Sniffles, and Other Joys of Spring

04:52 am

The Official Announcement, Now That You Already Know

02:29 pm

Print books are in. With words, and everything!

04:45 am

Stuff About Junk, or: Clamoring About Clutter



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