March 2017
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11:32 pm

When the Weather Rocks Your World

11:45 am

Radio Red in print

04:30 pm

There's No Magic Bullet for This Anniversary

03:30 pm

Up on Goodreads ... I think

07:30 pm

It's Radio Red Release Day!

05:40 pm

I'm the tuesday special

05:33 pm

Dogs, Dragons, and Writing Advice

10:46 am

Logan: R-rated X-Men

11:49 pm

Ol' Man Wickleberry Gets Reviewed

12:15 am

Well Played, Winter

01:23 pm

Rockabye Baewulf, in Aneshesia


06:56 pm

Oh What a Tangled Website She Weaves

11:36 pm

going for a ride

11:30 pm

Movie Review: Kong Skull Island

03:17 pm

Print, TV, and Radio Red

04:11 am

Lights, Camera, Nervousness

02:43 am

Another Cancer Fight

02:38 pm

Indiana Winters, or: Why Aren't We Living in Florida?

02:55 pm

Sex. Now I have your attention.



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