April 2017
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01:34 pm

Brother cancer update

05:00 pm

Molly Daniels Says, “Happy 'Bison-Tennial’ Indiana!”

07:23 pm

The video of my TV interview is up online!

03:42 am

Don Rickles: Thank You For Your Insults

02:31 am

Back to the Saddle Barn ... and the hiking trails

03:30 am

Central USA discounted--and my book too

05:17 pm

Dispatchers Do It By Phone


03:55 pm

Sunrise Over Albion

04:15 pm

Book Reviews That Bite

02:12 pm

Erin Moran and the Holiday Inn


03:52 pm

Water Heater Mayhem

07:47 pm

Cancer, as always, sucks.

05:31 pm

Where No Author Appearance Has Gone Before



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