November 2016
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03:30 pm

A few Halloween photos

09:39 am

AFD at Halloween

09:51 am

Who’s Going to Win the Election, and Why It Will Screw Up My Book Sales

06:52 pm

Will Poe's raven be at our author appearance?

04:43 pm

Newsletter Live Tomorrow

08:11 pm

A Pressing Release For the Book Signing

06:30 pm

Bury me at the library (not literally, that would be weird)

11:00 pm

Book signing results and photos

11:29 pm

Happiness is ...


02:51 pm

Armpits in edits

05:26 pm

Hoosier influence in the election of '16 ... 1916

04:27 pm

cover reveal ... wait, not yet

04:13 pm

R.I.P., Uncle Paul

03:19 pm

Because I'm Slow, That's Why

04:39 pm

The traditional press release



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