January 2017
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06:39 am

2016 Was Weird

06:09 pm

new review of The No-Campfire Girls

07:39 pm

A Misplaced Middle Name

11:40 am

It's a little Chile for a UFO


11:43 am

Radio Red Now Up For e-book Pre-Order

11:09 am

TV Review: Oz reimagined again … and again … and again …

10:03 pm

25 Years of Talkiing

11:39 pm

Fun With Inaugurations (No, not THIS inauguration!)

04:37 am

Hoping For A Real Political Miracle


03:17 am

Reading, Writing, and Radio Red

05:56 pm

My Funny Valentine: What else is there in Febdruary?

01:07 am

Dogs and Kids and Ibuprofen

05:54 am

Mary Tyler Moore

08:09 pm

Christmas in Almost February

04:14 pm

We'll See If It's a Big Announcement



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