August 2015
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06:56 pm

Video advice to graduates ... because, why not?

04:49 am

It's Images of America Month

05:15 am

Can I Ax You a Question?

03:57 pm

Dark Side of the Moon

10:29 pm

That's an order

06:12 pm

Loves Books, Has My Vote

04:21 pm

Going Rogue With Tom

11:04 am

Movie Review: Credibility Is Terminated

08:31 pm

Jumping In With Both 30.48 Centimeters

08:22 am

I'll Alert the Media

11:41 pm

Just a Cog In a Blog


03:55 pm

So I Don't Forget My Own Books

04:11 am

Great pre-order deal on Images of America: Albion and Noble County

08:06 pm

Sleep is for the weak. I’m the weak.

05:15 pm

Order Today and I Won't Bug You tomorrow

08:03 pm

A Celebratory Snooze

11:51 pm

First Time at Barnes and Noble

11:42 pm

Our New Website Is History

05:12 pm

This belly won't rub itself


06:24 pm

Took some time off work: Look for us at all four signings!



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