I can't say I had the perfect birthday: Emily worked part of the day and I ran some errands, including getting some maintenance done on the car. However, we had fried chicken and chocolate ice cream, and if that doesn't make for a good day, what does? Also, I introduced Emily to Smoky and The Bandit ... and since she liked it, I guess I'll keep her.


We also had the grand-twins over during my days off, watched Lego Batman, cooked hotdogs over a fire, and slept. The only way it could have been better would be if I'd gotten some writing time in, but sometimes the days are just full.


Thanks for all your birthday wishes! I'm of an age where birthdays are a mixed blessing: You don't really want to admit to getting older, but it's nice to be thought of.


Oh, and the twins got to go swimming. I supervised with the camera.

Emily and I helped celebrate Hunter and Brayden's 9th birthday Friday with a pool party, which is pretty much the only way to do an outdoor kid's birthday party in June.


That's Hunter on top and Brayden on the bottom, despite the fact that Brayden is taller (for the moment).


Did I mention the pool part?


When you're about to turn nine, opening presents is a group activity. There were adults there too, but our group activity was hamburgers and German potato salad.



It's always better with ... Batman.









Bonus video! If it works.


Emily and I gave them a telescope -- always good to keep your eyes on the stars.

I'm not sure we'll be able to make the holiday pops concert at the school in Albion tonight, due to some (by which I mean a lot) of illness in the family. Still, I hope everyone else will go and support the Fort Wayne Philharmonic coming to our little town. It starts at 7:30, they sell tickets at the door, and the Facebook event page is here:


Meanwhile, happy birthday to my lovely wife Emily, whose birthday means the days will now start getting longer! She's been feeling under the weather for, oh, the entire month of December--in fact, this whole autumn has been one thing after another for our family. Here's hoping winter will go better, even if it isn't my season.



Emily got a sushi dinner for her birthday!

I had steak.



Today’s the birthday of my wife Emily, who was born on what’s usually the first day of winter—or, more optimistically, the time when the days start getting longer. (This year winter comes a day late.) The way I see it, that just makes her nickname, Sunny, that much more appropriate.

You have to wonder what Emily expected when she agreed to marry me. It certainly couldn’t have been Indiana winters, every medical malady known to man, and the strange, long hours of a third shifter who’s also a struggling writer.

She’s become my editor, book designer, nurse, dog wrangler, traveling partner, photographer, best friend, and—oh yeah—the love of my life. And she puts up with my puns. She doesn’t like them, but she puts up with them. See, this is how I know she loves me: Why else stick around?

Emily is also my inspiration. I know without a doubt that without her, I wouldn’t have had as much writing success as I have—she pushes me, promotes me, and encourages me. Boy, do writers need encouragement these days. We have seven books out, and two more almost ready to go … without her I’d have managed maybe three by now. Our self-published projects would have been impossible for me to do alone.

I’m still on the mend from my sinus surgery and not feeling great, and there’s overtime this week, so I can’t say how good of a birthday I’ll give her this year. But, as with the first day of winter, there’s that glimmer of more sunshine in the future. In other words, by next year I hope to have my act together. Either way, I’m already a better person for knowing my Sunny; love does that.



I’m not all that into birthdays anymore, except for the cake and ice cream part. The truth is, I wish people would celebrate my birthday by buying one (or more) of my books, giving them the gift and me the sales.


But this year, NASA is giving me the biggest birthday present ever: New Horizons is going to be the first (human) probe ever to reach Pluto, and its closest approach to the planet (yeah, I said it) will be on my birthday … although we won’t see the pictures until hours later.




As a guy whose earliest memory is watching the Apollo Moon landings, this does my space-loving heart good.

            I was unfortunately reminded the other day that my birthday is coming up, on July 14th. How would I like to “celebrate”? Well, ignoring it doesn’t seem to work, but I’ll settle for the traditional chocolate cake and ice cream or the fun new tradition, ice cream cake—which takes one of the steps out of the process.

            There’s nothing I really need for a birthday present that anyone can afford, but if you really want to cheer me up on what I’m calling “Black Monday”, I’d be very happy to see the numbers of my book sales go up. Yes, I am serious. After all, you can choose from romantic comedy, eclectic short story collection, local history with a touch of humor, and young adult skewing humorous action adventure. Or, my favorite, all four.

Having the collection will set you up for the October release of The Notorious Ian Grant, since it features characters from three of the four. And of course proceeds from two of them go to good causes, so keep that in mind if you are, or know, a firefighter or Girl Scout, or a firefighter/Girl Scout.

            (Dare I call it the “Hunter collection”? Hm … no, I dare not.)

            So if you have anywhere from five bucks to a bit more to spend, make my numbers go up around July 14th, and make me a very happy birthday boy. All the necessary links are over at www.markrhunter.com –and how crazy is it to have a website named after me?—or just give me a call and place an order. If you’ve already read all my books—and why haven’t you?—they make a great gift. Or so I tell the people I give them to on their birthdays.
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( Dec. 27th, 2010 06:02 am)

I'm back online, just in time to wish many happy returns to one of my two favorites daughters:

Happy birthday, Jillian!

Or Jill, as she prefers to be called.

May you have much success, love, and happiness in life, and may all your dreams come true.  *Big hugs*
ozma914: (Dorothy and the Wizard)
( Dec. 27th, 2009 02:40 am)
Happy birthday, Jillian! The night you were born was one of the best -- not to mention most memorable -- of my life. Now, suddenly, just a few days later, you're an adult: in college, working a job, doing your own laundry, and even picking up after yourself from time to time. Happy 19th! Keep your eye on the future -- may all your wishes and dreams come true.

Here's Jillian, being a good aunt just one year ago:
Aunt Jillian
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( Dec. 20th, 2009 11:58 pm)
Happy birthday, Emily! May you have a fun and happy one, and lots more with plenty of love and laughter to come. Love you!
This cold is kicking my ass; I've got every symptom of every illness known to man, including blurred vision and a second head growing out of my shoulder. (Not an interesting conversationalist, either.) It was the fever and the way it hurts to talk that convinced me to call in sick to work, though. I'm about to head to bed, after drinking some more tea, having a little chicken noodle soup, and popping another vitamin and some cold medicine.

But what the hey, it's a cold -- this too shall pass. Lots of people are going through worse.

Meanwhile, back on LiveJournal: Not knowing if I'll get online tomorrow, happy birthday a few hours early to [personal profile] vichan, [personal profile] darthsindel1981, and [personal profile] keswindhover!!!! May you have a snackfull and stress free day.
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( Jun. 29th, 2009 05:51 am)
A very happy birthday to [profile] leap_to_faith and [profile] tonyamoore!!!!

Best of luck to Tonya on her writing (and check out her book "Dorian's Quest" here: http://www.smashwords.com/b/2647
I hope to join you in the published author category sometime soon!

And a very special wish to Charis, whose birthday is only 9 days after the birthdays of her twin boys. She's now a quarter of a century old! *gasp* Which can only mean she was born when I, her father, was nine. I realize I can't outdo the early birthday present she got last year ... but Charis, I wish you health and happiness (for you and all your family!) May you have cake and company, and maybe a few moments of rest along the way. *hugs you*
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( Jun. 25th, 2009 05:18 am)
Okay, trying to catch up, here. It's been busy at work -- the heat brings the nutcases and morons out (Um, I mean, lots of people need help!), and we've been busy at home, too. I'll have an Indiana Beach pic spam as soon as my head and neck heal up from the rides; we had a fun time despite the heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn and whiplash.

This week we're hoping to get Jillian's room all painted, shop for Charis' birthday, attend a reunion at the neonatal intensive care unit where the twins came into this world, and maybe start to get some work done on "Radio Red" for a future submission.

Our unusually cool spring has turned into a near record heat wave, so I dusted off the air conditioners and got them ready. (I'm always a little surprised when the one that's cemented into the dining room window since I moved into the place 20 years ago still fires up that first time!) My normal tactic of running window fans all night and shutting the windows during the day only works when it's actually cool at night ...

I actually have the weekend off, my one week in six! That means I'll be on the run, so, to cover the whole week, happy early and on time birthdays to [personal profile] kathyh, [profile] iwontsayplease and [personal profile] cbtreks!!!! May you have days of not too cold, not too hot, and not too busy.


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